10 Things I liked about IBS[Builders Show] 2012


10. It was in Orlando. Quick flight from Richmond, sunny & warm and fun things to do[went to St. Augustine after, beautiful].
9. Doors. There were some incredibly creative companies that designed and manfacturer custom doors and systems: A. Simpson Door – If you need something custom or unique great option 2012-02-09_IBS2012-SimpsonDoors
B. Nick’s Beautiful craftsmanship. If your goal is to make a statement this is the door. 02092012-IBS 2012 Nick's door detail
C. Brio – gooday mate! New from Australia great design.2012-02-08_IBS2012-Brio
8. It’s the small things. potterybarn_coolrecharge_station
In case you were wondering we purchased the white. My wife hates seeing cords laying all over…We’re happy!
7. Windows – Exception selection of window manufacturers. Pella Anderson Jeld-Wen Marvin(always has a very cool display center) and let’s not forget PLY GEM. IBS2012Windows
6. Technology, WoW! A remote to turn on your shower by Mohen and Kholer. An app to lock/unlock your Schlage equiped door. Some of the coolest lift systems with 360 degree views. Garaventa, Otis Home and Harmar had exceptional working models on the showroom floor.
5. Lighting – Progressive had one spectacular fixture that stole the show.2012-02-08_15-27-38_939 Great companies like Lutron Matrix Outwater and Sea Gull were well represented and had the latest LED, OLED and other sustainable offerings, which also had great style like the Progressive Lighting in the photo. It was used in one of the Palm Harbor model homes in the outdoor exhibit.
4. Green. It must be “easy being green” because there were tons! of green products, companies and topics at the seminar that were related to or focused on sustainability.
3. Homes – Palm Harbor always has a tremendous showing at IBS. Their leading edge designs set the pace for the industry. 2012-02-08_15-32-43_23
2. Tracy & Paul and other celebs and smart folks. Great discussion on show and it’s impact on the community. Sorry it’s only in syndication, but what a tremendous impact on the world…Few can say as much. Peter_ExtremeMakeover_Crew
1. People & Optimism – In general the housing industry has some of the finest people you will ever meet. There was general improved optimism at the show. The multifamily market is reaching it’s stride after three years of uptick. PresRes has never worked in that space. We have mostly worked with custom developers like East West Parnters. We have a learning curve to get up to spead on this market while the large custom builders regain their strength. After three years downturn it is good to finally see and feel a glimmer of hope in this market. To see some of the work PresRes has created with builders/developers for their sales and design centers, click on the link: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7AhFokayZ4BMFRQYXl3TU9Tc0NYQ0hmSDlnT0dsUQ

Sales and Membership Drives Made Easy

If you are in sales or work for a credit union and have membership drives you need BDTOGO Kit. This light weight (only 45lbs.) all-in-one display is everything you need in a rolling case. There’s a banner stand, counter with a counter graphic, literature stand, and a tri-fold table top display with graphics all in one convenient kit. And it’s only $895. These quality products carry a One Year warranty. Buy your BDTOGO kit today at www.ExhibitWarehouse.com.

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Love is a powerful Brand element

What do you do when your clients love you? They have an emotional connection to your company, your people, your brand. We celebrated 20 years of success with the owners of Retail Data tonight. They have created a catagory called retail intelligence. Harvesting retail data at grocery and other retail verticals and intelligently packaging this for use by manufacturers and the retailers themselves.

Their success at it’s core is driven by a great idea and a lot of hard work. Though there is the intangible that propells this company to success that others do not possess. How they work as a team, how they treat their clients, vendors and employees, all of these add up to something that at some level seems like magic. Keep up the great work Retail Data. For a tour of their newly renovated facility go to YouTube.com/presentationresource

Does marketing matter?

I have asked this question of a number of people. I have received a variety of responses and I will share these. I just want to weigh in myself. My background is engineering. Numbers, equations, physics okay I see your eyes rolling. Before becoming a student of marketing I was a facts based guy. Only that which I could see touch taste feel had any relavance. While that is still true marketing has taught me another dimension. The dimension of conversation. Conversation changes everything.

When you talk with an audience to find out what do you really want? You get some interesting responses. Sometimes you get exactly what you expected, but there is that ocassion where people tell you the truth and give you exactly what you need, “what they want”. Then if you give it to them and continue the conversation you are in a position to give them what they want again.

Marketing is that multidirectional (that’s an engineer’s word) platform for communication. Everyone has a perspective and marketing is that channel that encourages the sharing of these perspectives. One of the commenters as you will see painted a picture of the old style of marketing whereby the product was defined by the company and they told the market what IT wanted. It was primarily one-way. The customer had very little say.

Today the customer has all of the say. The web has so empowered the customer with knowledge THEY / WE know everything. There are not secrets. In Jeff Jarvis’ book What Would Google Do he describes this shift as going from managing lack or secrets to managing abundance and transparency.

So in conclusion I do think marketing matters as long as it remains an effective place for people to communicate about what they want. It’s only as good as what it has done for you today, or in the last minute.

You can see comments on my Linkedin.com page. Peter Winters

A deep recession is the mother of invention…or something like that

There is no doubt that this recession is in some cases forcing companies to look at their business and ask hard questions. Presentation Resource a 20 year plus large format design and production company based in Richmond Virginia is no different. The company is turning itself upside to fundamentally change the way it does business.

A lot of this upheaval is guided by ideas found in the book “What Would Google Do” by Jeff Jarvis. Google is undeniably one of the modern successes of the internet era. Presentation Resource also know fondly as PresRes is developing smaller vertical companies that address specific niches in the industries they serve. Real Estate sales centers for example are one. The most recent vertical is Digital Graphic Design. For 20 years or more PresRes has worked with companies big and small to help them create branded visuals that are in line with their respective marketing strategies. The company is not a strategic agency, but more of a project driven boutique specializing in envrionmental and trade show design. Working with retailers, real estate developers/builders, corporate marketers, and trade show managers, hospitatality and corporate designers, PresRes has developed a niche in crafting visual displays and exhibits that meet the needs of these markets.

Now in its 21st year PresRes has created Digital Studio by PresRes a project-based design studio for large format and multi-media designs. The companies client list is a who’s who across America. You can see more at www.PresRes.com.  PresRes can offer a visual experience like none other for your company. Have your customers feel something about you when they step in to your space.

Digital Studio by PresRes Graphic and Media Design Services

Digital Studio by PresRes Graphic and Media Design Services

Banner Stands – The Trade Show Common Link

Banners have a long history dating back to at least biblical times. They were significantly during war time to identify armies. It was many centuries before they were used to promote companies, products, and services. Now in this century, banners and banner stands have become ubiquitous. They are in almost any venue imaginable. In the tradeshow world they are used in almost every booth, display, and exhibit.

Banner stands range in price from as low as $25 to many thousands. There are metal, plastic, and even bamboo banner stands. Banner stands come in all shapes and sizes. Retractable and fixed and if you like scrolling. There is a general format used in designing banner stands. A message at the top, sometimes a logo, a photo, illustration or other graphic, a call to action or marketing message, and then contact information, web address, phone.

So why are banner stands so popular? I would think the number one answer is convenience. 30 seconds and you are all set. You scroll the banner out, pop up your pole, and it’s networking time. There are also high visual area and low cost that are benefits as well. The typical banner stand has 21 square feet of visual space. Of course the valuable real estate is above the knee. As mentioned before cost can be very reasonable. A marketing director can create a high impact at a low cost with great convenience to their sales force with a banner stand. The latest trends in banner stands are lightweight aluminum and composites and the use of eco-friendly fabrics for banner stand graphics.

Trade Show Displays – Keep it simple focus on your marketing message

Keep it simple and focus

By Peter Winters

Graphic design is a key element in communicating effectively with your audience. The tendency in trade show marketing is to say as much as possible in the time and space allowed during a trade show. Generally, you have 3-10 seconds to capture the attention of a trade show attendee. Companies often try to cram as much information into a 10×10 or 20×20 space as possible. From graphic images to text relating to the companies products and services companies put way too much information into their trade show displays.


So how do you speak to your audience so that they retain some of what you’ve said and even more importantly take action and buy? Below are a few ways to improve the visual performance of your trade show display.


  1. Understand your goals with your display. Are you exhibiting to sell, for market awareness, client education, or other purposes? Communicate this purpose through the graphics and copy on your booth.
  2. Have a central theme that can resonate with people in a short time.
  3. Is there an emotional connection to what your company is about? If so, connecting with people on an emotional level has the greatest impact.
  4. Keep your display and booth area clean. Less is definitely more here. Visual space on your display is a good thing. It allows your audience to absorb your message. Remember you have 3-10 seconds to attract them.
  5. Stick to one message. You can elaborate through conversation, follow up communication, literature, and your web site.
  6. Pre-marketing your brand prior to the show helps as well. If you send attendees postcards, letters, or other communication before the show they naturally will be attracted to something they have seen before.


The home décor market should consider taking advantage of a current trade show trend, the use of fabric in trade show displays. Go to www.exhibitwarehouse.com to see examples. Happy exhibiting.

Coming tomorrow, Marketing Stimulus Package – Banner Stands, Banner Stands, Banner Stands

Banner Stands have become the atomic equivalent of the atom. They are everywhere. Exhibit Warehouse has created a low cost series of banner stands that will help any marketing director, trade show manager, entrepreneur promote their company. Find out more, on Thursday April 16th, 2009 – Marketing Stimulus day…

Low Cost Retractable Banner Stand

Low Cost Retractable Banner Stand

A table for many brands – The Brand Table does it all for Marketing Directors

The Brand Table by Exhibit Warehouse  is used in trade show experiences, credit unions, banks, retail, quick service restaurants, corporate lobby rennovations, hotel lobby designs, customer service experience galleries, and many other high profile visual applications. When marketing directors, sales managers, brand managers, visual merchendisers, and other brand responsible staff are looking for ways to increase brand awareness and exposure in moderate to high traffic areas they use The Brand Table as a tool to help them accomplish their goals.

Recently Call Federal Credit Union used The Brand Table in their lobby as a way to focus attention on their creative logo mark. Customers use the table for picking up literature on a new auto loan product, changes to their accounts, and other credit union business.

The Brand Table is completely customizable. From color to finishes, table top materials, casters, legs, monitor mounts and many other options. The Brand Table – Launch which is the basic Brand Table has extruded aluminum legs and an acrylic top. The table leg color can approximate  a marketing director’s unique PMS colors and their logo is mounted in to the sturdy 3/8″ acrylic top. The Brand Table retails for $725. However, in quantities it can be purchased below $600. For more information go to www.ExhibitWarehouse.com .

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Credit Union wins Retail Merchandising Award

Call Federal Credit Union won a 2009 CUNA Retail Merchandising Diamond Award for their new branded location in Richmond, VA. Call Federal CEO, Roger Ball, VP of Marketing and Business Development, RW Lawson Architects (Pittsburg), Baskervill Architects (Richmond, RGI Construction, and Presentation Resource were the team members who worked with Call Federal to design and build this Credit Union branch. This branch is visually branded with Call Federal’s new brand and identity. The branch is located in the Deep Run Business park in Richmond’s West-End.

The team comprised of designers, contractors and fabricators worked for over a year to create the perfect environment for Call Federal’s West-End members. The color pallette, logos, artwork, and other brand identity pieces were combined with space planning that allows for efficient flow of service by the Credit Union staff. Many at the grand opening like Jonathan Davis of Richmond said,

“I’ve never seen anything like this. My bank is stale, corporate, and cold. This is very welcoming. I love it.”

Presentation Resource has worked with Call Federal for over three years helping them visually brand all of their now eight branches. This includes logo treatments, custom branded artwork, signage, POP displays, banner stands, standees (iDude character), channel signs, and vinyl lettering, and more. Working with National Award winning Marketing Director, Kelley Parks Presentation Resource designed, produced, and installed graphics and branded visuals that made the market statements Call Federal wanted to create in their branches.

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